Made of Everything You're Not

Sure, But Really; Why Windows?

This question comes up a lot. An unnecessary amount, if we're being honest. More so the last 10 years, but it really does seem to surprise people when they find out I'm a LAMP developer who mains Windows. Lemme explain why.

I’m Speaking! (... again…)

Crap. They found me! I tried to hide from (virtual) public speaking; the effort to do well just isn't commiserate with the return, but insofar as building a brand you gotta start somewhere. So I'm doing it. I'm talking about coding. Into a streaming cam. Again.

Guess I Better Start Contributing (... again…)

Step one of getting your shit together as a programmer in 2022 has to involve a little community service.

Hello World (... again…)

Yeah. I'm doing this. Again. But, I mean, I was gone for quite a few years and I ain't got no credibility and writing worked the last time sooooo... here we are.

Eric Lamb

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